Staying on top

Are you missing out on crucial information that affects the performance of your equities portfolio?

In a world of market volatility not seen in a long time, the ability to inform and advise on a client’s equities portfolio is becoming more crucial every day. Being able to understand and utilize key information in a timely manner is the reason for consistent performance. The difference between one day and one week could mean the difference between a profitable/lower risk portfolio or a portfolio unaware of certain dangers or opportunities ahead.

Weather you have an existing portfolio or looking to establish an equities portfolio, accessing information is critical.

And with the lack of time most people have, how are you going to stay on top of this information on a daily basis?  This is why a managed portfolio is perfect:


  • Using a managed portfolio allows you to gain access to professional investment management expertise offered by a range of investment managers using a model portfolio approach.
  • The investment managers are responsible for managing model portfolios in accordance with key investment objectives as set out in their Investment Philosophy.
  • The MDA (Managed Discretionary Account) option allows a portfolio to be constructed in accordance with your own personal objectives, risk tolerance and asset preferences.
  • MDAs provide an integrated investment administration, investment management and advice Service which removes duplicated layers of cost for clients
  • MDAs eliminate the need for ongoing changes to client portfolios to be agreed with each client, promoting better outcomes for clients and significantly improved efficiencies for advisers
  • MDAs enable Fund Managers to deliver solutions to clients at sharper pricing without compromising portfolio outcomes
  • MDAs allow for direct equity solutions, with a lower raw cost and transparency of their investments and an ability to control their own tax position


Hence trying to keep on top of the information curve requires time and a certain skill set to filter out what’s important to you and your goals.

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